Debt Advice

Hope Debt Advice

  • is available to help and/or advise anyone struggling with personal debt or for whom personal debt is a worrying issue
  • is a member of, and accountable to, Community Money Advice (CMA); a national charity that for ten years has enabled and assisted the establishment of local face-to-face debt advice services
  • has a vision to help people overcome their money problems and make a fresh start on a stable financial footing, free from the trauma of being in debt
  • provides the service in a totally non-judgmental manner, absolutely free and entirely confidential to all persons regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and age
  • has a team of four professionally trained and qualified advisers, experienced in different walks of life

Most people who face debt problems are not there due to an extravagant or excessive lifestyle. They are there due to unforeseen circumstances such as redundancy, illness, addiction, relationship breakdown, bereavement and many other factors. They are feeling unable to cope emotionally and practically. They may be feeling guilty and stressed, even lonely and ashamed. Hope Debt Advice is here to help you – you’re not alone!

Let us…

  • give you a real helping hand
  • stand with you and help you cope with the situation until eventually you can take on responsibility yourself
  • help by contacting creditors on your behalf and organising affordable repayment
  • help if necessary by offering guidance on how to manage money carefully and how to stay out of debt in the future
  • help you to build for a brighter future.

Overwhelmed by Debt? We're here to help!

If you want to move from DEBT to DEBT FREE!
We provide a FREE, confidential Debt Advice Service
Bringing you real hope of a brighter future.

Actual comments from clients…

“…we can breathe easy again”

“A very big than you to you for all your help it is really appreciated.”

“You have helped cut through the emotion and worry of the situation and provided instead a solution.”

“Thank you ever so much for all your hard work to help me turn my life around. It’s a new start for me… I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Break free from debt.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Register no 618749.

To speak to a trained adviser please call 01653 692616